The Cotton Bowl pregame coin flip was missing the flip

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No, it’s not flipping. (ESPN)
No, it’s not flipping. (ESPN)

It’s always encouraged to make the coin flip over at least once or twice when you’re in charge of a pregame coin toss.

That message was apparently not conveyed to Gail Ewing, who had the honor of flipping the coin before the game between Ohio State and USC. Ewing’s auto group has provided courtesy cars for the game for 50 years, so she was a noble choice for the endeavor.

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However, the coin didn’t flip when she threw it.

(Via ESPN)
(Via ESPN)

Ewing must be a hell of a horseshoe player though. She probably rules at the company picnics.

We can’t tell if the coin flipped over after it bounced on the ground. Either way, Ohio State was the beneficiary because it won the toss and elected to defer. And maybe the Cotton Bowl will make sure to go through the protocol with its honorary coin toss thrower next year.

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