Police officers pelted with bottles as they try to break up illegal rave

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Police in Birmingham broke up an illegal rave, issuing 100 fines. (West Midlands Police)
Police in Birmingham broke up an illegal rave, issuing 100 fines. (West Midlands Police)

Police in Birmingham were pelted with bottles as they tried to break up an illegal rave at the weekend.

West Midlands Police said they issued more than 100 fixed penalty notices when officers broke up the rave at a disused warehouse in Digbeth on Saturday night.

The force said officers were pelted with bottles as they forced their way into the event in Bordesley Street at around 9pm. Someone also tried to kick an officer but they were unhurt.

Police across the country have been breaking up illegal raves that contravene coronavirus restrictions, with the most recent seeing the organiser of an event in Newcastle face a £10,000 fine after police found up to 300 people at an event in Heaton.

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West Midlands Police said 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and has since been released under investigation.

Officers also recovered DJ equipment, Class A drugs and a knuckleduster. The force said it is reviewing all footage but believe they have identified the organisers and will be pursuing further action.

Officers were also approached by a woman who had suffered an ankle injury at the rave, which police said highlighted the dangers of congregating at such events.

Chief Superintendent Andy Beard said: “This was not only illegal, but extremely dangerous for both those who attended and officers.

“It's extremely disappointing that some are still not grasping that such events only increase the risk of spreading a deadly virus.

“We're currently under national restrictions and the region will then go into the highest tier due to the number of Covid cases next week.”

He added: “It's unacceptable when people recklessly ignore the rules and put themselves and others at risk of catching the disease. It's also unacceptable that officers should be attacked while going about their duties.

“We've seized equipment, drugs and a weapon and we'll be looking to ensure there will be no repeat again.”

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