Coronado high athlete signs to Tulane for track & field

Coronado high athlete signs to Tulane for track & field

Coronado high school athlete Preston Eastman signed his intent to join Tulane’s track & field program during a celebration held on Monday afternoon.

Friends, family and faculty came in support of Eastman to acknowledge all of his hard work and dedication to get to the point to compete at the next level.

Eastman currently holds the third fastest time in program history at Coronado for the 1600 at a 4:28 time as well as the 3200 with a time of 9:28.

This isn’t the only sports the soon to be Green Wave has found success in. Growing up Eastman has competed in football, soccer and basketball as well.

Track & field was the winner out of all of the sports Eastman has tried because of the consistency and dedication it takes to prosper.

“Anyone can put on a pair of shoes and go run six or seven miles,” said Eastman. “And it just shows whoever works the hardest usually makes it to the top. So that’s one thing that’s always appealed to me about the sport. Spent a lot of hard work the last four years. And I’ve had such a great group of people around me from my good friends, my great coaches, my great family- everyone that’s always been here for me and supported me it means a lot. I’m grateful for the next four years.”

Eastman will compete in the America Athletics Conference come the fall.

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