Cornerback Michael Davis honored to be part of Commanders

Cornerback Michael Davis spent seven seasons with the Chargers, so why would he leave the West Coast and come all the way to Ashburn?

That was Bryan Colbert Jr’s opening question to Davis on “Command Center” Friday.

“It’s just the opportunity,” expressed Davis. Everything is through God, so I know that God put me in this for a reason. I think it was my time to leave Cali. It was my time to be on the East Coast, for me to be here with you guys, the Commanders.”

Why did Davis want to play for Dan Quinn?

“He’s a leader. He’s what you want in a head coach. He’s super energetic. He’s genuine. You don’t want a leader that’s fake. I feel like DQ’s a real dog. I am honored to be a part of his team. I am honored for him to coach me.”

There will be new coaching relationships on the defense as well. “I am excited to go work with Joe Whitt. I know he can develop corners. I know I am eight years in but I know that I have an extra level to go to. I know that he is able to tap into that potential for me. I know I can skyrocket by game with him.”

While playing college ball at BYU, Davis was undrafted, yet he has made it for seven NFL seasons. Coming to Washington, Davis said he feels again undrafted. “I know I am going to have to prove myself again, prove I am still that dog.”

It was good to hear Davis express that he does not feel entitled. He stated, “Nothing is given to me; everything has to be earned.”

Davis also said that having been raised by his mother; he feels he owes her a lot and that she instilled many traits in him.

The former Charger corner said he realizes he has had some good spurts, but he’s also been up and down and certainly realizes he needs to become more consistent.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire