Corgi flexes impressive basketball skills in trick shot compilation

Lilo the Corgi may look like your average good girl, but she’s probably better at basketball than you.

The dog’s owner taught her how to pull off some pretty dope trick shots. Lilo can use her snout to serve balls better than some can with their hands. Her stunts, like how many buckets Lilo can get in a minute, are showcased on her dedicated TikTok at corgi.lilo.

In one video, Lilo manages to pull off five different trick shots. The first is dubbed “shooter island.” Lilo sits on a couch, bounces a ball off her nose and into a basket on the table several feet away. Next up, it’s “corner couch 3.” Here, Lilo sits on the corner of a couch cushion and scores a basket on the coffee table.

The corgi’s third trick is “back (fridge) board.” She launches the ball with her nose. It bounces off the fridge on her left side and into the basket on her right side. Pretty impressive.

Then it’s time for “bounty Everest.” The basket sits atop a tower of paper towels. But the height is no match for the small dog who effortlessly hits the ball into the basket.

Finally, her coolest trick might be “stairway to heaven.” Lilo stands near the banister at the top of the stairs. Her owner serves her the ball. She bounces it off her nose and into the basket a story below. It’s no wonder her nickname is “Steph corgi.”

The video racked up 805,000 views on TikTok.

“A corgi is better at basketball than me… and I’m okay with that,” a TikTok user wrote.

“Olympic doggo?? My jaw literally dropped,” one user said.

“Get that dog the biggest treat,” another added.

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