Cops: $200k in coins, cash missing along with home lockbox

Dec. 9—Police are investigating the theft of a lockbox and the thousands of dollars in coins it contained.

A Glynn County man reported this week that his lockbox was missing from a closet in his home, according to Glynn County police.

Gold, silver and platinum coins kept inside the lockbox, along with several thousand dollars in cash, represent a loss of about $200,000, according to the report obtained Thursday by The News.

The man reported the lockbox and its contents stolen from his suburban Glynn County home Tuesday, the day he noticed it missing from the closet.

The last time he saw it was Nov. 30, he told police.

The man lives alone and no one has been inside the home since he last saw the lockbox, according to the police report.

He told police he did not see any signs of forced entry or any other indication that a burglary had occurred.

According to the report, the man used the lockbox to store 50 gold coins valued at $150,000; 46 silver coins valued at $37,000; and four platinum coins valued at $5,000.

The man gave police an "educated guess" when asked the value of the coins, the report said.

The victim told police he just recently withdrew $8,000 cash, which he had placed in the now missing lockbox.

Police are investigating.