Cooper Kupp visits a "body specialist" to understand hamstring issue

Rams receiver Cooper Kupp recently had a setback to his training-camp hamstring injury. Coach Sean McVay, who has a history of downplaying the severity of injuries, has described Kupp as "day-to-day."

Today's development suggests that Kupp won't be playing any day soon.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Kupp has traveled to Minnesota to see a "noted body specialist to further understand his hamstring issue." The goal, per the report, is to determine the "root of the issue," given that Kupp has had two pulls in one summer.

(By the way, what the hell is a "noted body specialist"?)

The description of the latest situation as a "setback" doesn't completely mesh with this new notion that he has had two separate pulls. Anyone who has had a hamstring injury knows that the key to healing the injury is to rest. And to rest some more. And then, when you think it's fine, to keep on resting.

You'll believe the injury is healed because you're walking fine and jogging fine and even running fine. And then, when you try to reach the highest possible gear, that grab happens and you've had a setback.

If for Kupp it's a setback and not a completely new injury.

Regardless, it sounds as if Kupp won't be back on the field any time soon, and especially not in eight days, when the Rams start the season at Seattle.