Cooking up great white shark lands food blogger in hot water

A Chinese food blogger who bought a great white shark at market, then prepared and ate the apex predator in a lavish video production, has been fined $18,500 by authorities.

The blogger’s user name is Tizi but authorities identified her as Jin Moumou, while explaining last week in a statement that Jin bought the shark last April for $1,100 and posted her footage in July.

The footage went viral, which is what tipped authorities. (CLICK HERE to watch the video.)

White sharks are protected in China and Jin’s actions were in violation of the “Wild Animal Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China,” authorities explained.

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According to the statement, the fisherman and “shark sellers” were arrested for catching and selling a protected species. The white shark, a juvenile, looks to measure about six feet.

In the footage, a smiling Jin informs her followers, “Don’t be fooled by their scary appearance, its meat is very tender.”

–Top image showing a juvenile great white shark is courtesy of ©Pete Thomas; story images are video screen shots


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Story originally appeared on For The Win