Conversation with new Ada football coach Wade Boyles

Mar. 19—A reception in honor of new head football coach Wade Boyles — who is in his 12th year in the Ada City School System — was held Sunday afternoon inside the Cougar Activity Center. The Ada News had the chance to talk to Boyles for the first time since he was elevated to his new position. Following are excerpts from that conversation.


The Ada News: Well coach, how does Wade Boyles, Ada head football coach sound?

Wade Boyles: "It's a blessing to be in this position. I'm thankful to the administration and the community for allowing me to get into this position. It sounds good but it's a lot bigger than Wade Boyles. It's about the program itself."

The Ada News: The next thing on the football calendar is spring drills (scheduled for late May). Tell me your goals/expectations for those practices.

Wade Boyles: "We'll go for 10 days and we're just going to try and get caught up on our skill work and get the kids football-minded and football-oriented as we move forward. Then those guys will start their offseason program with Jeff Waters (who was recently named a strength and condition coach for Ada) coming aboard ... those guys will get some offseason work with him in the weight room."

The Ada News: What is your message to your Ada High School football players heading into spring drills?

Wade Boyles: "My message to these guys is to just know we're going to protect everything we've done as an Ada Cougar football family to this point. We're going to continue to work hard and believe in each other. and from day to day we're going to hold each other accountable and expect nothing but the best out of each other."

The Ada News: I know you've had the chance to coach the Ada High School starting quarterback throughout the years, your son Brock Boyles. But does that dynamic change now that you're the Ada High School head football coach?

Wade Boyles: "I've been pretty fortunate and blessed to have a lot of other coaches pour into Brock. I don't think a whole lot will change for me. Coaches kids are a little different as a whole because they hear the message at school or practice and then they get to hear it at home as well. But Brock is his own person. I think he's kind of proven himself over the last couple of years by being able to step into big roles and big moments without Dad having to be there. As we move forward, I want to continue to allow the program to bless these kids and show their talents."

The Ada News: The Cougars had a great run last season. They made a run to the Class 4A semifinals and only had two losses to two great teams (Poteau and Wagoner). That's got to be nice for you stepping in to lead a program that finished last year playing at such a high level.

Wade Boyles: "These kids have definitely worked hard over the last few years. (Former head coach Brad O'Steen) did a great job with these guys in moving the program forward. We just want to keep that momentum going into the spring and into the offseason and moving into the new season and know the expectations are going to be high and know we have the ability to be a team that can make a deep run in the playoffs."