The controversial new World Chess Championship logo is turning heads

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The new chess logo may cause you to do a double take. (AP Photo)
The new chess logo may cause you to do a double take. (AP Photo)

Chess may be a mental game, but its new logo seems pretty physical. The 2018 World Chess Championship logo was released Tuesday, and it has already succeeded in one area: People really want to talk about chess.

If you haven’t played chess much before now, maybe this will change your mind.

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There’s no way around it, that looks … let’s go with intimate.

If you think about it enough, you can convince yourself that this logo is brilliant. Chess is such a mind game that it can feel as though you’re tangled up mentally with your opponent. The first person to figure out the solution to the figurative knots will find the unburdened path to victory.

On second thought, forget it. Whoever designed this knew exactly what they were doing. The logo has people talking about chess, and isn’t that the point? This is marketing at its finest … and we admit, it got us.

Looking at it that way is far less poetic, but maybe this isn’t the type of logo you’re supposed to think about too much.

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