Controversial 'body shaming' opinion sparks social media debate

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Is making fun of men who lose

their hair because of male pattern

baldness a form of body shaming? .

Thousands of social media

users seem to think so.

On May 5, Reddit user isthisausername2

posted their controversial take in the

aptly named r/unpopularopinion forum.

In their post, they claim that making fun

of men for losing their hair is “just as

bad as any other form of body shaming”.

“Watching yourself lose all of your

hair and not being able to do anything

about it is an agonizing process.

and no one deserves to be

made fun of for it,” they said.

Most people seem to agree with isthisausername2’s stance. As of May 6,

their post has more than 52,000 upvotes.

plus several thousand

positive comments.

“You’re right. No one should be made fun

of for physical qualities that are out of

their control,” one person commented.

Some people, however, felt that isthisausername2 was being too sensitive.

“I’m balding and it’s far from agonizing,” another user added

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