Contract details for Bills OL Connor McGovern

The Buffalo Bills added offensive lineman Connor McGovern to their front via free agency to bolster a position that sorely needed improving.

In doing so, the Bills signed him to a contract that’s a middle-tier deal by NFL standards. However for the team, it’s a bit more than that because it’s a position Buffalo’s front office has not traditionally invested in heavily.

McGovern’s contract was reported as a three-year, $22.35 million deal. The average of $7.6M per year is around 20th most in the league for a guard.

According to Spotrac, $9.9M of McGovern’s contract and $11M in total is guaranteed. As the 2023 offseason has continually gone for general manager Brandon Beane, the salary cap hits were kept at their lowest early in the deal.

In 2023, McGovern’s guarantees and base salary of $1.9 keep the salary cap hit down at $4M.

Then it begins to jump up, but as the Bills often do, the deal allows for some are some salary cap saving in the ensuing years.

In 2023, it’s not a whole lot. McGovern’s base salary jumps to $5.8M and his cap hit is at $7.9. Subtracting his dead cap of $6M if the 26-year-old is moved or cut, Buffalo saves $1.9M against next year’s cap.

The third year, the Bills could more realistically move on from McGovern if they so choose as the cap saving would be $4M. That’s mostly due to to cap hit jumping up to $8.45M and base salary staying still relatively high at $5.35M.

But that does give Beane some wiggle room.

The Bills like McGovern? They could potentially convert some of that salary into a signing bonus, or the larger cap hit could be further stretched out by signing him to an extension like Buffalo did with linebacker Matt Milano earlier this month.

Finally, the Bills extended $2M of McGovern’s salary cap hit into a fourth year in 2026. Regardless of McGovern staying or going, he will count $2M against their cap that year, but doing so reduces his more recent cap hits.


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Story originally appeared on Bills Wire