Can you top this ridiculous Conor McGregor getup?


Conor McGregor has been making headlines for his elaborate outfits on the UFC world tour, but Thursday’s ensemble took fashion to a whole new level.

Instead of the matching suits that McGregor wore on the first two days of the tour, Thursday’s outfit included a long white mink coat, yellow-and-white flowered pants. And no shirt.

The Irish fighter flaunted the coat on stage, only occasionally taking it off to reveal his famous tattooed chest, and saying it was made of polar bear fur. Mayweather, as expected, showed off his TMT-branded apparel and called out McGregor for his over-the-top clothing choices.

Of course, Twitter had its own appropriate reaction to the coat.

Mayweather, the favorite in the UFC headline fight against McGregor on August 26, sparked fury in his opponent Wednesday night when he took an Irish flag from an audience member and walked around stage with the flag draped over his shoulder. The act infuriated McGregor so much that Mayweather decided to use the flag to his advantage again on Thursday.

Mayweather strolled into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to start the press conference with his head down and an Irish draped devilishly across his shoulders, dancing as he made his way to the stage. He knew the flag would rile up McGregor, and his suspicions proved correct.

The men headed into a stare-down, starting and ending the press conference in the same epic manner. Their glares, and their outfits, continue to generate attention, and if the fight is anything like the news conferences, August 26th should be an interesting day in Las Vegas.

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