Conor McGregor’s ‘Proper No. 12’ helps push Irish whiskey sales past $1 billion in U.S. for first time

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor is laughing all the way to the bank following the successful launch of his ‘Proper No. 12’ whiskey.

A recent report from the Distilled Spirits Council via the Irish Times shows Irish whiskey sales have topped $1 billion in the United States for the first time.

It was a 12-percent increase in sales from year to year, which allowed the Irish whiskey market to cross the $1 billion sale figure in the U.S.

According to the report, Jameson remains the most sold Irish whiskey in the United States but their sales have slowed down in the past year.

A big part of the boost in Irish whiskey sales is instead being attributed to the launch of McGregor’s ‘Proper No. 12’ whiskey last year.

McGregor acknowledged the sales of his whiskey in a post on social media as well.

“Was there ever any doubt I’d turn Whiskey to a Billi? I turned “human cock fighting” to 4.2. I’m gonna toast on this fine Thursday this amazing news,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

“Sláinte to the only true Irish Whiskey we have left, ‘Proper No. 12’. Irish owned forever. Thank you all. It has been my pleasure.”

The last part about ‘Irish owned forever’ is likely a dig at Jameson, the famed Irish whiskey that is owned by French company Pernod Ricard.

When McGregor first launched ‘Proper No. 12’ in the U.S. and Ireland last year, the initial order was sold out in a matter of weeks. Since that time, McGregor’s whiskey has continued to do big business in the United States and these sales figures are just the latest example that the former UFC champion will be making plenty of money outside the Octagon.