Conor McGregor is even worse at throwing a baseball than a football

You probably know of Conor McGregor, MMA star and loudmouth extraordinaire.

The world of mixed martial arts hasn't gone so well for him lately and his peers are starting to get tired of his act, but he's still a big-enough draw to throw out a first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game.

At some point, you would hope that someone — be it the Cubs, McGregor's team or McGregor himself — had checked whether he knows how to throw a baseball, but that apparently didn't make the to-do list before his arrival at Wrigley Field. So McGregor took the mound, wound up and ... oh no:

That right there is an immediate entrant into the Terrible First Pitch Hall of Fame, right up there with Anthony Fauci, Carly Rae Jepsen and 50 Cent.

And, yes, McGregor's throw already got the direct comparison video with the latter "pitcher."

Unlike 50 Cent, who seemed to just lose his grip on the ball while coming around, McGregor's problem is he stepped more toward third base than home plate with his landing foot, causing his torso to fly open way early and directing all of his energy wide right rather than straight ahead. It's an easy fix if your goal is just throwing in the direction of home, but it's too late now.

The first pitch already belongs to the internet.

Conor McGregor, multi-sport star

What's wild about McGregor's first pitch (besides the pitch itself) is that we already knew he wasn't much of a thrower, and yet he thought that this sport might be different.

McGregor drew chuckles in 2018 when he met up with the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, which led to someone putting a football in his hands. The resulting throw resembled a shot put more than what you usually see from a quarterback:

McGregor wasn't exactly happy to see people getting digs in at his football toss, so we'll have to sit back and see how he takes the reception of his latest effort.