Conor McGregor’s coach doesn’t think bulked up McGregor will fight at lightweight again

Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor held titles in the featherweight and lightweight divisions, but his coach doesn't think he'll fight in either of those weight classes again.

McGregor has certainly bulked up. He recently said that he was weighing 190 pounds. He's posted photos on Instagram showing his muscle gain.

"You might have seen some extreme pictures of Conor from years ago when he was fighting in the lower weight classes in the UFC. They were very extreme and they were all done under the eyes of a medical professional. Even he himself wouldn't ever go back to those weight classes now," said Coach John Kavanagh in a recent Instagram live video.

"It's not healthy, and it's not for the longterm. I would encourage you to look at his more recent pictures he's putting up on Instagram. Look how big and strong that looks. That's what it is to be a fighter, get big, get strong, and be healthy for life," Kavanagh said.

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