Connor Williams to take "very methodical" approach to free agency due to torn ACL

Dolphins center Connor Williams' 2023 season came to an early end due to a torn ACL and the injury will play a role in his approach to free agency as well.

Williams moved from guard to center after he signed a two-year deal with the Dolphins in 2022 and the move worked out well for him and the team. His success at the new spot had him in good position as he moved toward the open market this offseason and that would typically make him a strong candidate to land a new deal in Miami or elsewhere in the early hours of free agency.

During a Friday appearance on The Joe Rose Show, Williams' agent Drew Rosenhaus said he doesn't expect things to move quite as quickly thanks to the injury.

“I do think that we’re going to be very methodical and take our time relative to the contract,” Rosenhaus said, via Daniel Oyefusi of the Miami Herald. “A lot of it may be predicated on how Connor is feeling physically. He may not be a player that signs at the very start of free agency. He may take more time based on how he’s feeling physically. Connor’s situation has a degree of uncertainty that’s going to be tied to how he’s feeling. And really, we’ll just take it one day at a time once we get into the offseason. But I’m not sure that that is one that’ll be resolved as quickly as some of the other players that we represent."

The injury came at an inopportune time for Williams, but his play the last couple of seasons and the hope for a full recovery should still serve him well when it's time to talk about a new deal for the 2024 season. Just how well is one of many questions that will start to be answered next month.