Connor Bird, son of Larry Bird, faces multiple charges after allegedly attempting to run his ex-girlfriend over with a car

Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Bird’s college-age son could be in a world of trouble if a nasty batch of allegations about the 21-year-old are true. According to police in Bloomington, Ind., Connor Bird allegedly attempted to run his ex-girlfriend over with a car on Sunday after she got out off his vehicle following several arguments.

For Bird, the list of allegations goes on — the Indianapolis Star is reporting that Bird’s list of charges will include “battery with injury, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon and possession of marijuana.” So, allegedly, drugs on him while attempting to run someone over with a car. Sound work. Allegedly.

From Bill McCleery at the Star:

Trouble began, police said, after Bird and the ex-girlfriend got into a dispute Sunday at Bird’s Bloomington apartment. Bird threw a cell phone at the female, police said.

Later, police said, Bird waited at his ex-girlfriend’s home and took her to a parking lot to talk things over. There, however, they got into another fight, police said, and the girl got out of Bird’s car with the intent of walking back to her home. That’s when, police said, Bird twice tried to hit the woman with his car. Another IU student witnessed the incident, police said, and took the female to the Indiana University Police Department.

Larry Bird, you may recall, spent a few weeks at Indiana University in Bloomington as a student-athlete in 1974 after graduating from high school, but the size of the campus was too much for the 18-year-old to handle and he dropped out of IU after 24 days. After a few years of odd jobs and stints at community colleges, he enrolled at the smaller Indiana State, and from there the rest is Hall of Fame history.

Connor’s brush with infamy is not the Bird family’s finest hour. Riding alongside this incident is Bird’s lack of a relationship with his daughter, Corrie Bird, who is a product of Larry Bird’s first marriage in the mid-1970s. Corrie and Larry haven’t spoken much outside of a postgame chat some 15 years ago, a relationship that was detailed to a stern degree in Sports Illustrated around that time.

The Bird family also has another daughter, named Mariah. Larry Bird was the personnel boss for the Indiana Pacers from 2003 until 2012, when he stepped aside to hand the job back to former mentor Donnie Walsh.

According to TMZ, Connor Bird was also arrested in 2011 for “underaged drinking and disorderly conduct.”

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