Connor Bedard gets back on the ice — with a cage protecting his broken jaw — 7 days after the Chicago Blackhawks star had surgery

CHICAGO — Connor Bedard broke his jaw 10 days ago and had surgery seven days ago, but he was back on the ice Monday, skating after Chicago Blackhawks practice at Fifth Third Arena.

He wore a green no-contact jersey and took light shots at an empty net along with fellow injured Hawks Nick Foligno and Samuel Savoie.

Bedard wore a protective cage over his jaw, which was broken during a collision with the New Jersey DevilsBrendan Smith on Jan. 5.

“He’s been begging,” coach Luke Richardson said.

Richardson said trainers were fine with Bedard taking the ice as long as he followed specific instructions.

“He’s not allowed to take slap shots, so he’s not allowed to really clench,” Richardson said. “So if they see that, they might pull the rug out from under him.

“He’s just eager and it will be good for him to get moving. He just has to be very careful (about clenching at this early stage). I don’t know if he can even put anything in there (in his mouth) because … (it’s) not completely wired shut, but it’s elastic bands on it that keep it so that there’s minimal amount of movement.”

Richardson said Bedard’s apparent quick healing changes nothing about his timeline to return, originally projected at six to eight weeks.

“With the plate (in his jaw), there is a specific timeline, so they’re probably going to stick close to it,” Richardson said.