Lionel Messi golazo, Neymar record-breaker kick off CONMEBOL 2026 World Cup qualifying in style

The winter World Cup that was Qatar 2022 means less time to prep for 2026 in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, so don't be surprised to see CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying back on your screens this fall, less than one year since Argentina beat France to the 2022 crown.

The gauntlet that is CONMEBOL qualifying has eased a bit with the expanded, 48-team field for the 2026 World Cup; Six teams will qualify automatically and a seventh will reach the six team inter-confederation playoff tournament.

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And while Asia (October) and Africa (November) are soon to follow, these games are the official kickoff to qualification for the 2026 World Cup (Again, wrap your head around that one).

Below you'll find the table, schedule, and scores for all CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers, as South America sorts out who will compete to become the 11th winner from its confederation, joining Uruguay (1930, 1950), Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002), and Argentina (1978, 1986, 2022) as world champions.

CONMEBOL 2026 World Cup qualification — Standings/table

  1. Brazil - 6 points (+5 GD)

  2. Argentina - 6 points (+4 GD)

  3. Colombia - 4 points (+1 GD)

  4. Uruguay - 3 points (+1 GD)

  5. Venezuela - 3 points (0 GD)

  6. Paraguay - 1 point (0 GD)

  7. Peru - 1 point (-1 GD)

  8. Chile - 1 points (-2 GD)

  9. Ecuador - 0 points (0 GD)*

  10. Bolivia - 0 points (-7 GD)

    *Three points were deducted from Ecuador's total prior to the start of qualification for using a player whose legal passport contained false information.

CONMEBOL 2026 World Cup qualification schedule — Fixtures, results

All times ET

Matchday 1

Thursday, Sept 7

Paraguay 0-0 Peru
Colombia 1-0 Venezuela
Argentina 1-0 Ecuador

Friday, Sept 8

Uruguay 3-1 Chile
Brazil 5-1 Bolivia

Matchday 2

Tuesday, Sept. 12

Bolivia 0-3 Argentina
Ecuador 2-1 Uruguay
Venezuela 1-0 Paraguay
Chile 0-0 Colombia
Peru 0-1 Brazil

Matchday 3

Oct. 12

Bolivia vs Ecuador — 4pm
Colombia vs Uruguay — 4:30pm
Chile vs Peru — 8pm
Argentina vs Paraguay — 8pm
Brazil vs Venezuela — 8:30pm

Matchday 4

Oct. 17

Venezuela vs Chile — 5pm
Paraguay vs Bolivia — 6:30pm
Ecuador vs Colombia — 7:30pm
Uruguay vs Brazil — 8pm
Peru vs Argentina — 10pm

Matchday 5

Nov. 16

Bolivia vs Peru
Venezuela vs Ecuador
Colombia vs Brazil
Argentina vs Uruguay
Chile vs Paraguay

Matchday 6

Nov. 21

Peru vs Venezuela
Ecuador vs Chile
Paraguay vs Colombia
Brazil vs Argentina
Uruguay vs Bolivia

Matchday 7

Sept. 5, 2024

Uruguay vs Paraguay
Bolivia vs Venezuela
Brazil vs Ecuador
Peru vs Colombia
Argentina vs Chile

Matchday 8

Sept. 10, 2024

Colombia vs Argentina
Ecuador vs Peru
Paraguay vs Brazil
Venezuela vs Uruguay
Chile vs Bolivia

Matchday 9

Oct. 10, 2024

Bolivia vs Colombia
Ecuador vs Paraguay
Venezuela vs Argentina
Peru vs Uruguay
Chile vs Brazil

Matchday 10

Oct. 15, 2024

Paraguay vs Venezuela
Argentina vs Bolivia
Colombia vs Chile
Uruguay vs Ecuador
Brazil vs Peru

Matchday 11

Nov. 14, 2024

Uruguay vs Colombia
Venezuela vs Brazil
Peru vs Chile
Ecuador vs Bolivia
Paraguay vs Argentina

Matchday 12

Nov. 19, 2024

Colombia vs Ecuador
Brazil vs Uruguay
Argentina vs Peru
Chile vs Venezuela
Bolivia vs Paraguay

Matchday 13

March 20, 2025

Paraguay vs Chile
Brazil vs Colombia
Peru vs Bolivia
Uruguay vs Argentina
Ecuador vs Venezuela

Matchday 14

March 25, 2025

Chile vs Ecuador
Venezuela vs Peru
Bolivia vs Uruguay
Colombia vs Paraguay
Argentina vs Brazil

Matchday 15

June 4, 2025

Colombia vs Peru
Paraguay vs Uruguay
Ecuador vs Brazil
Venezuela vs Bolivia
Chile vs Argentina

Matchday 16

June 9, 2025

Brazil vs Paraguay
Uruguay vs Venezuela
Peru vs Ecuador
Argentina vs Colombia
Bolivia vs Chile

Matchday 17

Sept. 9, 2025

Paraguay vs Ecuador
Argentina vs Venezuela
Uruguay vs Peru
Colombia vs Bolivia
Brazil vs Chile

Matchday 18

Sept. 14, 2025

Ecuador vs Argentina
Chile vs Uruguay
Bolivia vs Brazil
Venezuela vs Colombia
Peru vs Paraguay