Conan Masters Bruce Lee's Most Iconic Moves

Superfan TV

Stuntman and martial arts expert Steven Ho visited Conan to teach the host how to be more like Bruce Lee. Before they got started, Conan said he had to "warm up and really get into the Bruce Lee mode." Conan then ripped off his suit to reveal a yellow jumpsuit reminiscent to Bruce Lee's iconic costume in "Game of Death." Between Ho's teachings and Bruce Lee's jumpsuit, it didn't take long before Conan got the hang of it.

The guys got started with a few kicks to loosen up and then Ho worked on Conan's fighting stance. Once Conan learned the strong "bull" stance and the more light "cat" stance, it was time to fight. The martial arts expert brought out some other "fighters" with pads to keep Conan from running away. Ho said, " I've noticed in the past when we've done drills like this, you would often hide behind your desk, so these gentlemen will stop you." Conan argued for his "running away" technique, saying, "That is also a great Bruce Lee technique."

Conan and Ho then moved on to Lee's legendary one-inch punch. When Conan tried using the punch against Ho, he didn't do much damage, saying "It seems to have no effect on you." Although, when Conan tried it against a board, he was able to punch right through it. Conan then ridiculously danced around the stage until Ho joked, "We're killing the Bruce Lee brand right now."

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