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A company wants to pay people $4,000 a month to watch dating shows — applicants will get free TV subscriptions and watch 7 episodes a week to find out where contestants slipped up

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  • A UK dating app is hiring people to watch dating shows. They'll get paid £100 ($134) an episode.

  • POM wants the candidate to create content detailing where the shows' contestants went wrong.

  • The three month role is flexible. POM will also cover the cost of TV subscriptions.

Do you love dating shows, and think you know what makes people click?

A dating app is currently hiring for a "Dating Show Dissector" to watch dating shows and feed back what went wrong for contestants. It's offering to pay the successful candidate £100 ($134) per episode.

The role with POM, a UK dating app that matches people based on their music taste, will require the applicant to watch popular UK dating shows in order to create content for the company's blog and social media channels.

Shows listed on the ad include 'The Cabins', 'Too Hot to Handle', and the immensely popular, but controversial, 'Love Island'. The applicant will be expected to analyze where relationships went wrong.

"We thought it would be a great idea to take everyone's favorite TV genre and turn it into some valuable life lessons and amazing content for our users," Vihan Patel, founder of POM said.

The role is currently only for three months. POM estimates that it will entail roughly seven hours work a week, which – at £100 per hour-long episode – works out as equivalent to £3,033 ($4,061) per month.

The working hours are flexible in order to keep up with TV show schedules. POM will also cover the cost of TV subscriptions during the entire period of employment.

The job advert states that the ideal candidate isn't someone who simply loves reality TV for the gossip, but someone who enjoys shows for the "insight it gives into human behaviour".

Applicants must be over 18. Good written English skills and a reliable internet connection are also required.

Asked for his advice for anyone thinking of applying, Patel said that talent is more important than experience and that any new hire should bring the right passion and vibe to the team.

"In most of our roles, this is exactly what we're looking for. Skills can be taught, but passion and talent are harder to find. You've got to meet the vibe check so just be authentically yourself," he told Insider.

POM — which stands for the Power of Music — launched in 2021 as an alternative to traditional apps like Tinder. In August the cofounders received £1.5 million in pre launch investment.

Anyone wanting to apply will need to be quick, the deadline is January 28 2022.

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