Common hair product also prevents sweaty feet from sliding in heels

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Nobody wants slippery, sweaty feet, especially when they’re rocking heels — but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature is on our side.

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Temperatures are rising to record highs, and things are finally opening up after a year of lockdowns. Yet, striking a balance between showing off all the cute outfits you couldn’t wear before and staying comfortable can be nearly impossible. Sweat is going to happen. Too much moisture in your shoes is not just a bit funky it can also cause blisters and skin bubbles.

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Fortunately, In The Know’s Lisa Azcona has got an unexpected hack to make wearing heels comfier in the hottest of weather. All you need to prevent sweaty, sliding feet is — surprisingly — dry shampoo.

“The perfect heel can elevate any outfit,” Lisa says. “But it’s hard to move past the fact that they are uncomfortable, especially in hot environments when your feet are sweaty and slipping forward in your heels.”

For this hack, just grab your favorite dry shampoo, preferably one that uses a spray nozzle for easy application.

“It turns out that dry shampoo works great to absorb oils and sweat using alcohol and starch-based active ingredients,” she explains.

Spray the dry shampoo on your feet a few minutes before you head out. Once you put your heels on, you may want to spray another coat on top if they’re sandals or open-toe.

“Make sure you are vigilant about how much you are spraying since it can leave behind some white residue,” she advises. “You want to be as discreet as possible, so I’d recommend targeting the soles of your feet.”

Before you try this hack, you may want to test a patch of skin on your feet to make sure the dry shampoo does not cause irritation.

“This hack is great because it keeps your feet moisture-free, and it also makes them less slippery since it’s adding a little bit of grip and traction to that area,” Lisa says. “And it’s a bonus that it keeps your feet refreshed and smelling good.”

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