Common Council transfers funds for Dykeman Park clubhouse

Apr. 3—As the Logansport Parks & Recreation Foundation met their goals in raising the needed funds for the new Dykeman Park Clubhouse, the Logansport Common Council has committed to transferring $200,000 annually for five years to the NR Parks Foundation Fund. This commitment was approved and passed by six out of seven council members at Monday's Common Council meeting.

Golf course manager Dean Vietti said the council approved a resolution last year to donate this money if the goal of $3,500,000 was raised, and as such the resolution passed at Monday's meeting was more of a formality. Parks Administrator Janet Fawley said Monday's meeting was the council's formal commitment of transferring these funds.

Fawley and Vietti said they are both excited about the new clubhouse and plan to start construction by the end of the year. They hope to have construction on the actual clubhouse begin in October or November and if the timeline works out, Fawley said they hope to have it ready in nine to ten months to align with the clubhouse's 100th anniversary in 2026.

"It's a beautiful course, but the clubhouse doesn't say that it's a beautiful course... it's looking pretty run down and [we're] looking forward to something that we can really be proud of," Fawley said after the meeting.

Members appointed to commission

A total of seven members were approved to be appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission. These members are Barbara Stein, Judy Masters, Mike Stajduhar, Kim Reid, Richard Voorhees, Natasha Walters and Chico Rodriguez.

According to the resolution, vacancies and ending terms for the Historic Preservation Commission has resulted in the need for new appointments and reappointments. Mayor Chris Martin recommended approval of these members to be effective immediately.

Towns apply for program

The City of Logansport, along with the Town of Galveston, Town of Onward, Town of Royal Center and Town of Walton came together as a region to apply for an Interlocal Government Agreement titled Indiana Stellar Pathways.

The Indiana Stellar Pathways program is a multi-agency partnership designed to recognize smaller communities and regions to assist in community and economic development, according to the resolution. This program, through annual designation, provides resources for transformative quality of place, community and regional improvements by encouraging regional collaborative behaviors and investments.

Designees have the opportunity to apply for funding and support from several Indiana agencies. This includes the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and more.

According to the resolution, the City of Logansport has partnered with Cass County for participation in the Stellar Pathways program, creating Cass County Re-Imagined.

If chosen for the Stellar Pathways program, they are to develop a strategic investment plan with a qualified consulting team, present the region's strategic investment plan to the Stellar Pathways Committee, and implement strategic investment plan projects and programs with the use of set-aside funding, bonus points and annual funding rounds within five years of designation.