Each of the Commanders’ top targets for head coach could be hired this week

Former Washington Redskins offensive coordinator and current 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is headed back to the Super Bowl.

The 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions 34-31 Sunday night in the NFC Championship game, meaning former Washington players Trent Williams and Chase Young will also be playing in two weeks in the Super Bowl.

What sort of emotional roller coaster must this day have been for newly-hired Commanders GM Adam Peters?

The Lions kept pounding the ball, rushing for 148 first-half yards, accumulating 280 total yards, and a 24-7 halftime lead.

Detroit offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was, therefore, not going to be available per NFL rules to be hired this week and flown to the Senior Bowl to start on the job for the Commanders.

On the other hand, the Ravens had lost earlier on Sunday in the AFC Championship game to the Chiefs. This meant Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald could be interviewed again this week and be hired this week as well.

However, the 49ers simply dominated both sides of the ball in the third quarter, outscoring the Lions 17-0, tying the game at 24-24 heading into the final quarter.

The 49ers having Deebo Samuel back from injury a week earlier against the Packers was huge, as Samuel collected eight receptions for 89 yards. The 49ers offense was moving again in the second half as Brock Purdy finished completing 20 of his 31 pass attempts, gaining 267 yards.

Now it is the 49ers going to the Super Bowl, and Johnson, instead of scheming up an offensive game plan against the Chiefs for the Super Bowl, is available after all.

Johnson seems to be the favorite. If the Commanders like how he interviews this week, Peters could have the man he wants to lead the Commanders for the next decade.

Peters has apparently been doing his homework and thus has managed to maintain his backup plan as well. He has already interviewed Dan Quinn once and is still planning on a follow-up interview this week.

Commanders fans have nearly in unison been very strongly opposed to the idea of Quinn becoming the next head coach of the burgundy and gold.

However, placing yourself in Peters’ shoes, what if the interviews with Johnson and Macdonald result in Peters, in his own mind, determining he would rather have someone with some NFL head coaching experience?

Well, Quinn has been the DC for the Cowboys and Seahawks. He was also a head coach in Atlanta and led the Falcons to an NFC Championship and a 28-3 lead against the Patriots in a Super Bowl. Peters also might consider he would rather have Quinn than see Quinn as the next Dallas HC when the contract with Mike McCarthy expires.

In conclusion, all three of their top candidates (Ben Johnson, Mike Macdonald and Dan Quinn) could be interviewed and hired by the Commanders by the end of the week.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire