Commanders Sam Howell praised by Rich Eisen

Who were the top five performers of the NFL Week 2 in this 2023 preseason?

NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen presented his top five Tuesday. Although in typical Eisen fashion, he was having fun.

Eisen felt the best performances for this past weekends preseason games were Giants receiver Jalin Hyatt, Packers quarterback Jordan Love, Falcons running back Bijan Robinson, Raiders quarterback Aidan O’Connell, and Commanders quarterback Sam Howell.

“Holy Cow, Sam Howell, we see you!” began Eisen. “I will say, this is how crazy he has Washington Commander football fans (pause). I’m gonna out him.”

Eisen proceeded to declare he had been texted during Monday’s game by Ryan Hayden, a die-hard Washington football fan. Eisen then read the text, “Everyone will laugh, but this is a franchise-turning game for us. As sad as that is.”

Eisen then commented to his television audience, “I don’t know what is sadder, that you believe it, or that you know it’s sad and you still text it. But this is how it is for Washington football fans.”

Eisen began to wax confidently and humorously as he has often over the years, “Is Sam Howell it? Can he be it?”

Eisen then wondered aloud if previous owner Dan Snyder had played a role in the 2022 NFL draft when the Commanders selected Howell with the first selection of the fifth round.

“We see you, Sam Howell, and we will see you Week 1 against Arizona, a winnable game; everyone thinks the Commanders are going to win. And you came out like that wingin’ it.”

It’s preseason, yes, but it is also good to see the Commanders getting some positive press about something they have actually done on the field.

We can only hope the same will be said for the Commanders and Howell during the regular season.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire