Commanders’ Sam Cosmi happy to be a dad and for changes in Ashburn

“The overall dynamic of the environment and the vibe is very positive, very uplifting and it feels great.”

That was how right guard Sam Cosmi began to speak of the differences he is already noticing with the new administration and coaching staff. Cosmi spoke with the media as the Commanders have begun their offseason program under Dan Quinn and the new coaching staff.

Cosmi illustrated this by revealing that already the team is integrating offensive and defensive players together more often rather than the previous procedures in Ashburn.

When reminded that at the end of the season, Cosmi had voiced displeasure in Eric Bieniemy’s desire to pass the ball so much of the time, Cosmi replied, “This is a pass-heavy league, which is a what it is type of thing. But I do like to run the ball. I do like to bring the attack on the defense. We’re definitely emphasizing that more (it sounds like), so I am excited about that.”

When asked regarding the Commanders using their No.2 overall pick on a quarterback, Cosmi replied, “We as a line definitely have to help him. It’s a learning process for sure, so we need to be taking things off of his plate. It’s (going to be) a whole new thing for him. So as much as we can help him and not only protect him but also mentally, that is going to be part of our job this year for sure.”

It’s not often you hear a player volunteer they need to help the quarterback mentally. Was Sam Cosmi, in that comment, volunteering that the Commanders didn’t help Sam Howell mentally in 2023?

Was he saying all the extra passing for an inexperienced quarterback was not good for Howell mentally? Certainly, Howell’s play suffered as the season continued through November and December.

Most importantly Cosmi spoke of he and his wife recently becoming parents with the birth of their baby daughter. “Dad life is one of the best things in the world. I always come home with a smile just to see my little baby girl.”

Cosmi also expressed that being a father has given him an additional perspective on what it means to work his job. “You have that little one to take care of when you go home. Having that addition and building my family makes going to work even more special because you have another thing to work for. I’ve enjoyed every second of it, truly.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire