Commanders RT Andrew Wylie loves the energy and vibes around the team

Andrew Wylie was brought to Washington one year by former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The longtime Kansas City Chief followed Bieniemy to the Commanders and was penciled in immediately as the right tackle.

It wasn’t a great debut season for Wylie, but considering some of Washington’s top players had their worst season in 2023, Wylie gets a pass. New general manager Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn were apparently content with Wylie, believing the coaching and scheme changes would make him better in 2024.

What does Wylie think of the new regime?

“We have an elite coaching staff,” Wylie said. “That’s what it’s been. It’s neem great energy in the building. Points of emphasis, what DQ wants, are reiterated every day.”

No one would describe last season’s coaching staff as elite.

What does Wylie think of his new quarterback, Jayden Daniels?

“Dude can sling it, man,” he answered. “Very talented guy back there. Makes it look easy, too. Something about his game is just special.”

Wylie also discussed rookie offensive lineman Brandon Coleman, who the Commanders think can be their future left tackle.

“That dude is gifted and moves very well for his size,” Wylie said. “Got him working out at tackle now and he already got very good fundamentals to his game. In my opinion, I think he’s going to get a lot of snaps this year. He is the type of guy you want anchoring this side of the ball.”

Wylie discussed the energy in the locker room.

“Honestly, the locker room energy is great. Practice has been over for an hour and 15 minutes, and the locker room is still halfway filled. There’s a lot of guys still kicking it in there, including myself. No one is in a real rush to leave work.”

Wylie noted that players are sitting with different position groups to build team chemistry. He is not the first player to mention that this offseason.

You don’t win championships in the offseason, but the changes Washington has made since January have built a foundation that it hopes builds a winning franchise for many years to come.

Perhaps Wylie can be one of the bigger beneficiaries of these changes.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire