Commanders rookie receiver Luke McCaffrey building a fast rapport with Jayden Daniels

After drafting quarterback Jayden Daniels in the first round, the Commanders drafted wide receiver Luke McCaffrey in the third round, in the hopes that the two would have a connection that lasts for years. McCaffrey says they're already getting to work at that.

After practicing with Daniels at the Commanders' rookie minicamp, McCaffrey said the two of them are already on the same page.

"He's one heck of a quarterback and he's a lot of fun to play with from a personality standpoint, so I've had a blast," McCaffrey said. "People who love football are going to get along, and he's someone who loves football and I consider myself someone who loves football."

McCaffrey had brief stints as a starting quarterback at both Nebraska and Rice before moving to wide receiver in 2022, and he says his experience as a quarterback helps him build a rapport with Daniels.

"It helps a lot. It's a position that's hard to understand unless you've played it," McCaffrey said. "The biggest thing I've noticed is the communication aspect. You speak the same language, you understand, and that's something going into rookie minicamp you try and get a head start on."

McCaffrey has a great opportunity to get significant playing time as a rookie in Washington, and the rapport he's building with Daniels now may pay dividends in September.