Commanders ranked at the top of 2024 HC vacancies

How would you rank the six NFL 2024 head coaching vacancies?

Well, Commanders fans are going to like how CBS Sports Will Brinson evaluated the six openings.

Brinson concluded that the Commanders are actually the best opening in the NFL right now for aspiring head coaches. After the ownership of Daniel Snyder (1999-2022 seasons) repeatedly discouraged coaches, players and fans, there is a new sheriff in town now who has a unique opportunity to improve a bottom-tier franchise and instantly become a fan favorite.

Here is how Brinson sees the Washington job as the top spot for those pursuing NFL head coaching jobs.

For nearly 25 years, Dan Snyder made the Washington job a disastrous one. He would attract big-name candidates, because coaching in Washington was a BIG DEAL. This was one of the biggest franchises in the NFL for several decades and Snyder made it almost untouchable. Enter Josh Harris, who has done a great job simply by doing the opposite of Dan Snyder. To wit: Harris didn’t fire Ron Rivera during his first season as owner and handled the entire situation with aplomb. Then he nabs Bob Myers and Rick Spielman to become part of his search committee and there’s hope again in Washington. Things can change (David Tepper seemed like a good owner early) but for now the Commanders top this list because there’s a new, seemingly patient owner in charge and a clear commitment to win while upending the poisonous culture that’s pervaded the beltway for years.

Washington has the No. 2 overall pick, which doesn’t hurt either. (Maybe they can draft Drake Maye, pair him with Sam Howell, hire Mack Brown and guarantee themselves eight wins a year just like the Tar Heels!) Trading away Chase Young and Montez Sweat mid-season isn’t great, but it boosts the draft capital for the incoming coaching staff and by avoiding handing out contracts to former first-round picks, and clears up plenty of salary-cap space.

There’s an opportunity to land a franchise quarterback here, with potentially strong ownership, a fantastic fan base dying for quality football and a new stadium potentially on deck. The Washington job is back to being wildly attractive.

Brinson then ranks the head coaching vacancies as follows: Chargers, Falcons, Raiders, Titans, Panthers.

If you would like to read the other explanations of Brinson’s rankings, here is the link.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire