Commanders QB Jayden Daniels is officially No. 5

The Washington Commanders open rookie minicamp on Friday. Washington’s rookie class began showing up in Ashburn this week, but there was one piece of unfinished business before the Commanders took the field Friday.

What number would quarterback Jayden Daniels wear? Daniels has always worn No. 5, but that jersey was taken by Washington’s most-tenured player, punter Tress Way.

Not anymore. On Washington’s official X page, Way posted a 15-second video with a No. 5 jersey in the background. However, the jersey’s back did not bear Way’s name. Daniels’ name adorned the back of the jersey, and before the end of the video, the camera shifted to the rookie passer in the background.

According to Zach Selby of, Way isn’t giving the number away for free. No, he isn’t taking money from Daniels. Instead, Way may have the rookie quarterback get him some tickets for the first LSU/Oklahoma game now that Way’s Sooners are in the SEC.

To be clear, Way is not giving the jersey away for free. He doesn’t want money, but he did come up with “a couple cool ideas” for what he and Daniels could do for the swap. His alma mater, Oklahoma, is going to be in the SEC, so he suggested that perhaps he could get tickets to the first LSU-Oklahoma game. He also brought up the possibility of having fans submit pictures of them wearing Way’s old number to the team so Daniels could buy them a jersey with Way’s new number on it and a personal letter from Way himself.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire