Commanders postgame quotes after Week 3 37-3 loss

What do you say after getting beat 37-3? Here are some postgame quotes.

“You cannot make the mistakes we made. You got to be able to go out there and not make those mistakes. Turnover battle, we lost it, and you don’t win when you lose it.” Washington legend Brian Mitchell

“There are a lot of things that can be learned and gleaned from this game. A lot of people are going to say this is the worst thing, so flush it and move on. No! You have to sit with this for a little bit. Learn what is going on. They played a lot of Cover 2, light box structures. Can we be more effective running the football? Can we be more patient as a play-caller?”  Logan Paulsen

“Buffalo was not that good today. It was Washington that was that bad today.”  Brian Mitchell

“We are talking about Sam Howell right now, but this is a good learning experience for EB (Eric Bieniemy). When it is 13-0 we don’t need to be going crazy. We can be more conservative with our play calling and our approach. There were times they were rushing and pressing.”  Logan Paulsen

“You got to learn from it; that is how it is going to get corrected. If you don’t learn from it, it is going to happen again.” Ron Rivera

“This is football. You got to learn from the losses as well as from the wins.” Ron Rivera

“How are we going to react? How are we going to handle it? Now, we have to find out just how tough we really are. Are we mentally tough? Are we physically tough enough to get through it?” Ron Rivera

“When you are winning, it masks a lot of things. The bare truth is out there now. We know, based on the tape, exactly what happened. We will be able to sit down and talk and get it corrected, I believe. If we approach it the right way, we give ourselves the opportunity going forward. That’s what we are going to find out, just how good we are, how tough we are.” Ron Rivera

A lot of things didn’t go right today, and it starts with me. The good thing is the sun will come up tomorrow, another opportunity to get better and go to work.” Sam Howell

“You can’t flush it. You watch the film, and you learn from it.” Sam Howell

I got to be better. It’s on me.” Sam Howell

“It’s heartbreaking when you get to the two-yard line, and you don’t quite get it in. That’s on all 11 guys not executing, making sure we score seven points. Because that game was still in reach at that moment.” Terry McLaurin

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire