Commanders postgame quotes after Week 1 20-16 win

The Commanders came from behind down six points in the second half, to win their Week 1 season opener 20-16 over the Arizona Cardinals at FedEx Field.

Here are some of the post game quotes:

“Let’s do something one day when we are not so d— stressed. I was absolutely stressed today, but you know what?  They came out with the victory, and made the plays when they needed to. You can’t be anything but happy. Santa (Moss) ended the pregame show saying he just wanted to get the win. We got that.” — Brian Mitchell

“Preseason is a little faster than training camp. Week 1 is definitely faster than preseason. You could see some guys, and I’m especially going to say, Sam Howell; you could see some things were happening so quickly.” — Logan Paulsen

“We’re a family, that’s one. It’s one for the city; it’s all you, thank you.” — Owner Josh Harris in the locker room to the team

“It takes a whole team, it really does. We made a lot of mistakes, we didn’t play our best football today. But they played their asses off as a unit. They played their asses off as a group. So, I want to recognize Jack Del Rio for that.” — Ron Rivera in the locker room about the defense

“We’re just getting started, guys. We’re just getting started. We’ve got the makings of a team that can do whatever it decides it wants to. I love the way we are working. Just keep working. We got each other’s back, whatever we need to do. O (offense) D (defense) special teams. All three phases, whatever we need to do. I appreciate you all.” — defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio

“The defense was outstanding…so they’re going to have to carry us a little bit, and they know that.” — Ron Rivera postgame

“I really do appreciate the fans coming out. We have got to be a better football team for them, though. We had some opportunities where we didn’t take care of the ball the way we should have. But we will be better. I really do appreciate the fans coming out, I really do. I also want to acknowledge it was great to see John Riggins in the stands. That was a really cool moment. I really appreciate him being there.” — Ron Rivera postgame

“Believe me, I am happy as hell we won, I really am. But we have to play better, we really do.” — Ron Rivera

“He had his moments. We’re gonna watch the rest of the tape. We are going to take a look at some things. We’ll get a chance to evaluate it off of the tape. And we will get a chance to walk with him.” — Ron Rivera, when asked about the play of QB Sam Howell



Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire