Commanders owner Josh Harris on Jayden Daniels: ‘We got the best player in the draft’

New Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels was in Ashburn on Friday, one day after becoming the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Daniels’s parents joined him as he and general manager Adam Peters met with the assembled media. Also present was Washington managing partner Josh Harris.

It’s safe to say Harris is thrilled with his first-ever draft as owner of his favorite childhood team.

“He stood out as a football player, statistically, what he did on the field, scouting-wise and we think we got the best player in the draft,” Harris said. “I met him as an individual, as a man, and you can all hear who he is.”

How involved was Harris in the process of selecting Daniels as the new quarterback?

“This was a very important day for the franchise; I wanted to watch and learn and listen and see (GM) Adam (Peters) and (head coach) Dan (Quinn) working, so I was selectively involved, but certainly got to know a number of the quarterbacks, a number of the people that we were considering and he stood out.”

Harris reportedly traveled with Peters and Quinn to the NFL combine and sat in on interviews with some of the quarterback prospects, and also spent time with them when they came to Ashburm for the much-discussed group visit.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire