Commanders Jonathan Allen: ‘Winning is all that really matters’

After the walk-off loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Jonathan Allen just wanted to get his mind off of the loss.

So, on the long flight back from Seattle, the Commanders defensive tackle and captain watched The Flash and Aquaman.

Not only did the Commanders lose 29-26 on a last-drive, last-play field goal, but then the plane experienced problems, forcing the team to remain at the airport another two hours before they began their flight home.

During his weekly appearance on the “Sports Junkies” (Monday morning 106.7 The Fan), Allen conveyed to the group that the team arrived on the team bus but then had to remain on the bus for over an hour and then once on the plane, again wait for over an hour.

Regarding the Seahawks game, Allen pointed out, “We have to be better at limiting explosive (plays). That’s kind of been the thing all season.”

“I felt like I had a decent game against my guard. I was able to get some pressure on Geno Smith. Obviously, I wish I could have brought him down a couple of times. But we were able to force an intentional grounding, get some holding calls, and kind of make them uncomfortable.”

“I felt we played pretty good but not good enough to win, and that’s really all that matters.”

When Allen was asked about the bad call going against KJ Henry last week and Emmanuel Forbes being disqualified this week, the veteran displayed why he is a good captain.

“I try really hard to stay away from blaming the refs because then that is the easy way out from accepting accountability for what me as a player and we as a team can do to be better.”

Allen did say though he saw the helmet-to-helmet contact and found nothing malicious about it. He was thus confused that Forbes was ejected and found that bizarre, something you see in college for targeting.

Concerning the final Seahawks drive, Allen said he has not watched the film of the game and can’t comment on what went on behind him.

How about Sam Howell? “He has given us every opportunity to win the game, and that’s all we could ask. I’ll say it again: he is our franchise quarterback, and that always gives you a chance in the NFL.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire