Commanders Jonathan Allen: ‘I’m still pissed off like I was yesterday’

“I’m still pissed off as much as I was yesterday.”

That’s how Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan Allen began his weekly segment Monday, with the “Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan.

Allen then continued there are still games to be played, but it is time to turn it around right now, “there is no more time to waste.”

When the defensive tackle was asked if he still believed in Jack Del Rio, without hesitation Allen said with conviction, “I do. I truly, wholeheartedly do.”

Jason Bishop inquired as to what Allen was referring to when he went off Sunday in the locker room following the 14-7 loss to the Giants.

“I would say the inconsistency,” began Allen. “You cannot win games in this league playing inconsistently. Some weeks, the offense shows up, and the defense doesn’t. Some weeks, the defense shows up, and the offense doesn’t.”

“It would be different if we didn’t have enough talent,” expressed Allen. He continued with how he has one Seltzer in the hot tub with his wife and vents, and when he gets out, it’s on to the next week. Allen even revealed he loves the “Truly” brands of Seltzer drinks, explicitly mentioning Fruit Punch, Pineapple and Lemonade.

Allen talked of the first 15 plays that an opponent plans and practices all week in preparation, and he feels the Commanders need to do a better job early against those plays. “We can’t keep putting ourselves in these holes and expect to come back every game.”

When asked to comment on the offensive line surrendering five quarterback sacks to a team that had only generated five in six games, all Allen would say was, “It definitely was not their best game.” He also quickly added, “The only way this season is going to work is if we circle the wagons.”

“I understand the (fans) frustration; trust me, I am frustrated too. But that frustration has to be used in a positive way. Again, there is so much left for us to play for; now is not the time to abandon ship, start turning on one another. We are going to get this thing fixed.”

Allen said the defense could blame the offense and vice versa, but as for himself, the defense needs to play better, “and that starts with me.”


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire