Commanders’ huge offseason starts with Josh Harris

Losing Daniel Snyder as the owner of the Washington Commanders was gargantuan, mammoth, and colossal.

But as hard as it may be to believe, getting Josh Harris as the new owner might result in an even more significant act in franchise history.

There are other billionaires out there who want to own NFL franchises. But if we learned anything from the last owner, wasn’t it that money alone doesn’t guarantee a new NFL owner even the first day of success?

Hey, Commanders fans, how would you like to have David Tepper as your new owner? Why did he give up so much when Bryce Young was not clearly the top quarterback in the class of 2023?  And why has Tepper already had six interim/head coaches since taking over in 2019?

The former owner in Washington had his forgettable moments. He played general manager, he refused to hire a true general manager, he intruded into more than one NFL draft, and once, he himself, prior to hiring a head coach, hired the team’s next offensive coordinator anyway. Then, when he literally couldn’t get anyone to take the job as head coach, he promoted that offensive coordinator to the head coach position, knowing the man had never even been an NFL coordinator.

Now fast-forward to this 2024 offseason. Josh Harris, though he has made more money than anyone else in the organization, revealed he is secure enough to hire a man who has trained to be an NFL general manager (Adam Peters).

Secondly, if Harris permits Peters to truly hire whom Peters feels is the best man for the head coach position, then Peters owns the decision. And if Peters owns the decision, it will be up to Peters to sincerely work with and for that head coach.

Thirdly, consider April’s draft. Washington will not only have the No. 2 overall selection, but the possibility exists they “could” obtain their next quarterback for a decade. Having five of the top 100 selections does mean Peters will have a tremendous responsibility, yes. It also means he will have a wonderful opportunity to rebuild this roster.

If Harris can remain secure enough to permit football people such as Peters and the next head coach to do their jobs, build trust with them, provide them a respectful working relationship, this franchise could experience something they have not witnessed in over a quarter of a century.

It all begins with Harris.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire