What will the Commanders new GM Adam Peters do now?

Adam Peters was on the job for just a couple of weeks and didn’t get the guy he wanted.

What now?

Commanders fans were all over X (Twitter) and DC radio Tuesday evening (Jan. 30) with emotions on display for all to see. Many are discouraged that Ben Johnson turned down Washington. Many are despondent, proclaiming there is no other worthy candidate out there. Many are gloomy, already saying there is a new owner, but nothing has changed.

Stop it!

Listen to yourselves!

Fear is doing your talking for you. This is why you are so emotional.

What is Adam Peters going to do?

I’ll tell you what Adam Peters is going to do. He is going to do what he said he was going to do the day he was hired. Adam Peters is going to stick to his commitment and his plan. After all, you don’t naively think he put all of his eggs in one basket, do you?

Peters expressed he was not looking for an offensive or defensive coach in particular. Do you know why? Because Peters has learned through simple observation that both types of coaches have won tremendously in the NFL and both types have lost enormously.

Consequently, what matters most to Peters is not offense or defense. He told us what he was looking for was a man who could bring leadership to the position.

Yes, this is a challenging time for Adam Peters. There is already negative press before he hires his first coach. But is that really necessary? Peters is not going to let his emotions get away from him, harming his ability to remain logical and rational.

Peters didn’t come across to me as a people-pleaser. He is not going to be overly concerned about pleasing Commanders fans. He already knows that is an impossible task.

Thus, Peters will stick to his plan and bring in a coach who will bring to this franchise what it has been lacking, a leader who also knows today’s NFL.

The NFL, like every other industry, is always changing, always bringing surprises. Peters got a big surprise on Tuesday. He lost the biggest trending upward candidate in this 2024 hiring cycle.

Now we will see how Peters responds to disappointments and losses.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire