The Commanders discuss Hard Knocks ahead of their matchup with the Lions

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Commanders discuss Hard Knocks ahead of their trip to Detroit originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Sam Cosmi was ruining his fiancée's viewing experience.

During this past training camp, the two made a point of watching HBO's Hard Knocks together. However, because the subject of this year's series was the Detroit Lions, Cosmi figured he had an opportunity to turn their hangouts into a bonus film session, since Dan Campbell's squad is Washington's Week 2 foe.

So, as the Commanders right tackle explained on Wednesday, he would "pause, rewind, pause, rewind, pause, rewind" whatever installment they were consuming in order to try and understand what the NFC North franchise was hoping to execute on the field. His soon-to-be wife, Blair, didn't appreciate it all that much.

"She's like, 'What are you doing?'" Cosmi told reporters at his locker. "I said, 'I'm watching the tapes. This is inside practice and I'm watching what they're doing to get a little bit of the scoop.'

"I did that multiple times throughout the episodes," he added.

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Cosmi wasn't the only Commander to tune into the annual summer staple. Tress Way also felt compelled to catch the program, which first aired in 2001.

"I was just super impressed with Hard Knocks, dude," the punter, who had never seen it before the Detroit-centric season, said. "You try to tell people what training camp is like and they nailed it. They nailed it. So it was super cool."

Cosmi and Way's boss, however, wasn't as interested as his pair of players.

When one media member began to inquire Wednesday about whether Ron Rivera had carved out space in his schedule to check out the Lions each week, Rivera answered with a "no" before the question was finished.

Carson Wentz, meanwhile, can relate to what Campbell, Jared Goff, Aidan Hutchinson and the rest of Detroit experienced at their camp across July and August.

Last year, Wentz's Colts were the first organization to star on Hard Knocks while the regular season was unfolding. Until Indianapolis' stint on HBO, no club had ever allowed the channel to gain such access once the games actually counted.

Wentz found it to be an enjoyable affair overall.

"I thought they did a good job capturing the personality of our team," he said. "It wasn't that intrusive, it wasn't that crazy. I thought they did a good job just capturing the characters and the people and what we were all about."

And despite the sour end to Indy's campaign — and how it was chronicled in intense detail — Wentz viewed Hard Knocks' final drafts and focused on the parts that highlighted his loved ones.

"My family was in it," Wentz said. "My wife. My daughters. There’s some cool features that we cherished. We will hold onto those clips and stuff, those moments."

The Cardinals are slated to follow up the Colts and Lions, as filming of their run on Hard Knocks will commence later this fall.

Now, Rivera indicated soon after accepting the Washington gig that he's not thrilled with the idea of letting his bunch be in the TV spotlight like his Panthers were for 2019's All or Nothing, which is Amazon's behind-the-scenes sports show. Way, though — like Wentz — would relish the chance to have his workplace be highlighted in such a fashion should Rivera's stance ever change.

"I know this sounds cheesy, but I think this is the dad in me," Way said. "I think it would be a really fun keepsake. It's like, 'Hey, here you go. This was my team.' Telling the kids and things like that. It's just such a good production."