Commanders’ brass to attend two QB pro days this week

It’s a busy week for the Commanders’ Adam Peters and Dan Quinn.

Monday and Tuesday were the NFL Owners’ meetings in Orlando. Wednesday will be the pro day of potential Commanders selection LSU’s Jayden Daniels. If that is not enough, then the North Carolina pro day is scheduled for Thursday.

Last week the Commanders had some attend the USC Caleb Williams’ pro day workout, followed by the Michigan (J.J. McCarthy) pro day as well.

A major question leading up to the Jayden Daniels workout on Wednesday will be just how much he weighs after all. At the Scouting Combine, Daniels was the only quarterback to not weigh in.

The LSU roster for the 2023 football season had listed his weight at 210 pounds. However, Daniels chose to not weigh in at the Combine. The other top quarterbacks weighed in accordingly: Caleb Williams (214), Drake Maye (223), J.J. McCarthy (219), Michael Penix (216), and Bo Nix (214).

Consequently, flags were raised as interested teams naturally began to wonder, just how much did LSU exaggerate Daniels’ weight on the season’s roster? For had Daniels actually weighed 210 at the Combine, there would have been no big deal with all the other top quarterbacks weighing in at 214 to 223.

Drake Maye will be the object of the Commanders’ attention later in the week. Maye is less experienced than the other top prospects, which is one reason many have speculated he may have a higher ceiling than currently realized.

Meanwhile, Tuesday in Orlando, Commanders General Manager Adam Peters addressed the Commanders quarterback spot briefly, expressing, “We have 2 QBs on the roster right now with Jake (Fromm) and Marcus (Mariota) and we want to go to camp with 4, so we’re going to add 2 one way or the other.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire