Commanders being sued over FedEx Field railing collapse vs. Eagles

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Commanders being sued over FedEx Field railing collapse originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eight months after a railing collapse nearly sent football fans tumbling onto Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, Washington's NFL franchise is being sued by fans injured in the incident.

Four people who were injured in the collapse filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Maryland this past Friday against the Commanders, ESPN's John Keim reports, seeking at least $300,000 in damages for "physical and emotional suffering."

In case you missed it at the time, or need a reminder, here's what happened after the Eagles beat the then-Washington Football Team on January 2, 2022:

"I'm just happy everybody is safe from it," Hurts said during his postgame press conference. "That was crazy stuff right there. That was a real dangerous situation."

At the time it indeed seemed everyone involved was okay, but clearly at least four people involved suffered injuries.

More from Keim:

"According to the suit, the plaintiffs -- New Jersey residents Michael Naimoli, Andrew Collins, Morgan French and Marissa Santarlasci -- continue to seek treatment for injuries suffered when they fell. Among the injuries they allegedly suffered: cervical strains, muscle strains, bone contusions, cuts, headaches and 'other potential long-term effects, both physical and emotional.' Naimoli needed to wear a neck brace, attorney Bob Sokolove said."

Hurts wrote a letter to the NFL and Washington's franchise two days after the collapse in which he acknowledged some of the fans involved could suffer from "lingering injuries" and prompted the league and the organization to take action to prevent any similar situations in the future.