Commanders alert fans to unrefunded security deposits

As the Commanders await Thursday’s “major announcement” from D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine regarding his investigation of the team, the team quietly has taken action apparently aimed at minimizing potential criminal and/or civil liability to its paying customers.

Via Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., multiple listeners have receive a letter from the team regarding security deposits previously made for season tickets or suites. Paulsen posted a copy of the letter, which explains to the recipient that a refund may be due.

The letter also contends that the team “previously sent you a letter to alert you of this balance, but did not receive a response,” and that “state law may require the Team to report and/or remit the funds in your account to the state if you do no claim them.”

More than three hours ago, we contacted the team seeking confirmation as to the legitimacy of the letter, the number of fans who have received it, and the date(s) on which the letter was sent. The team has not yet provided a substantive response.

The effort to disseminate the unrefunded security deposits and/or to transfer any unclaimed funds to the state for proper handling meshes with one of the contentions raised in an April 2022 letter from the House Oversight Committee to the Federal Trade Commission, with copies to Racine and other Attorneys General.

The letter explained that former Commanders employee Jason Friedman “provided the Committee with information and documents indicating that the Commanders routinely withheld security deposits that should have been returned to customers who had purchased multiyear season tickets for specific seats, referred to as seat leases,” and that “team executives directed employees to establish roadblocks to prevent customers from obtaining the security deposits they were due — effectively allowing the team to retain that money.”

Whether roadblocks were or weren’t created by the team, it appears that security deposits haven’t been refunded, and that perhaps the money should have been turned over to the state a long time ago. It also appears that the Commanders are concerned about what may happen because of it; otherwise, they possibly wouldn’t be mobilizing now to pay the money back or surrender it to the proper authorities.

Commanders alert fans to unrefunded security deposits originally appeared on Pro Football Talk