Commanders’ 2023 season is finally over

How about those Commanders?

Well, they lost 38-10, wrapping up the second overall draft choice in next April’s NFL draft.

On very first possession, they faced a 3rd & 1 on their own 49. Just prior to the snap of the ball, tight end Logan Thomas lined up under center. The Dallas defense was ready and quickly adjusted, preparing for the QB sneak by Thomas.

But Thomas, when taking the snap, faked an inside right dive to Brian Robinson, then pitched to Sam Howell to his right. Howell then passed downfield to a wide-open Terry McLaurin. It was a wonderful play design, destined for an easy touchdown. Howell badly underthrew McLaurin by at least five yards. It was a surefire 51-yard touchdown, and Howell simply got tight and didn’t deliver the pass accurately.

The play was there for Sam Howell. It could have provided him with a significant boost of confidence. Sadly, Howell didn’t execute the play.

A moment later, on 4th & 1 at the Dallas 31, Howell looked to his left and threw a quick screen to Brian Robinson. Robinson caught the pass at his 37. Left tackle Cornelius Lucas was easily beaten on the play, not allowing Robinson to cut upfield upon catching the pass, and the play was blown up for a 2-yard loss.

The two plays were indications of things to come. Washington either would not make a few plays available to them, or they would be beaten by the quicker, more aggressive Cowboys.

Oh, did I mention the two teams entered Sunday’s contest with Dallas a +73 in points scored in the first quarter this season, while the Commanders were a -86? That speaks to team preparation, but that’s for another story.

The Commanders had started the season 2-0 but sadly lost 13 of their last 15 games to finish 4-13. Not one of us saw this bad of a season coming for Ron Rivera. Especially after such a big name like Eric Bieniemy was hired as offensive coordinator.

This season couldn’t have ended soon enough…what a disaster.

Now enters new owner Josh Harris…


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire