New Commander Andrew Wylie: ‘It’s gonna be a culture change for sure’

New Commanders offensive lineman Andrew Wylie met with the Washington media Thursday, communicating he is glad to be reuniting with Washington’s new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

“That’s great to have EB have so much confidence in me and push for me to get here,” said Wylie.

“For me to have the opportunity to continue to work under his offense is just incredible to me. So that was for sure the driving factor.”

Those who don’t yet know Bieniemy well, Wylie says they will find “he’s intense. He’s a very intense guy, and he needs things his way. It’s gonna be a culture change for sure, and I’m just looking to carry it on.”

“It’s a good offense, scores a lot of points. EB is really the driving factor behind it. It’s an incredible opportunity to be here and to play under him. I’m just really excited to get after it.”

Wylie expressed he is ready to do whatever needs to be done, embrace the supportive veteran role, and even stating he will play wherever he is needed as well.

Pointing to his time in Kansas City, Wylie conveyed Andy Reid, Bieniemy and offensive line coach Andy Heck were all instrumental in his development as an NFL lineman.

“Practice habits,” Wylie stressed, are what EB preaches most, saying with the Chiefs Bieniemy had them “busting it.” The Chiefs’ “culture was built in practice,” Wylie expressed.

Wylie stated Bieniemy is “super loud,” “commands the room,” and “he commands the respect of every man in the room.”

The first impression for Wylie of Ron Rivera following their breakfast meeting is that Rivera is “a player’s coach, real supportive of the players” and gave Wylie “a real warm welcome here”.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire