Comedian Rob Delaney Announces Death Of Two-Year-Old Son


Comedian Rob Delaney announced on Friday the heartbreaking death of his 2-year-old son, Henry.

Henry died in January after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016, Delaney wrote in a Facebook post. Doctors successfully performed surgery to remove the tumor in early 2017, but the cancer returned last autumn.

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Delaney, who is based in the U.K., said he, his wife and their two older sons “are devastated.”

“Henry was a joy,” Delaney wrote. “He was smart, funny, and mischievous and we had so many wonderful adventures together, particularly after he’d moved home following fifteen months living in hospitals.”

The comedian, who stars in and co-writes the British series Catastrophe, said the strength of his wife and sons has prevented him from going “mad with grief” and that he doesn’t want to miss out on “their beautiful lives.”

Delaney has asked others to make donations to children’s charityRainbow Trustand children’s hospice care Noah’s Ark in an effort to help other cancer patients.

“Thank you, beautiful Henry, for spending as much time with us as you did,” he wrote. “We miss you so much.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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