Comedian Marlon Wayans involved in Denver airport dispute on way to KC performances

Screenshot Marlon Wayans Instagram

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans canceled at least one of his sold-out performances at the Kansas City Improv following a heated exchange with a United Airlines gate agent in Denver.

The celebrity was scheduled to perform five shows at the metro area venue, according to its website, starting with one Friday. Several of the shows were sold out.

But an argument over Wayans’ luggage allegedly led to the Denver Police Department issuing him a citation for disturbing the peace and ultimately missing at least one appearance. The actor said he had suffered “harassment” and apologized to Kansas City fans over social media.

Neither the police department nor United Airlines was immediately available to respond for comment.

“Bro claimed I had too many bags so I complied and consolidated them he was like ‘Oh now you have to check that bag.’ Bye. I’m in seat 2 A come holla,” Wayans said in a Friday Instagram post.

He said he grabbed his bags and got on the plane. Then, Wayans was removed from the plane, allegedly, as a result of the argument over his bags.

In a later Instagram post, Wayans said the gate agent was “desperate to have some authority” and “clearly picking on” him.

“Dude tried to lie and say I assaulted him,” Wayans said on social media.

He also said the incident involved “racism and classism” as he alleged another passenger, who was white, was not criticized for similarly trying to bring three bags onto the plane.

No one from Kansas City Improv immediately responded to requests for comment Saturday.

Marlon Wayan’s management also did not respond to requests for comment.