Comedian Jamie Lee talks up dunking odd things with NBA players at the ‘NBA 2K14′ premiere (Video)

Both Eric Freeman and Dan Devine have done an excellent job in reporting on the various intriguing aspects of the freshly released NBA 2K14 video game, such as LeBron James’ appearance on the cover, the inclusion of Euroleague teams, the promotion of Kent Bazemore’s by-now legendary sideline celebrations, the modern-as-tomorrow angularity of the game’s trailer, and the interviews with Michael Jordan regarding his ranking alongside LeBron and Kobe Bryant, and his thoughts on the twerking phenomenon.

From there, The Pete Holmes Show has decided to let comedian Jamie Lee have a crack and breaking down the whos-its and whats-its behind the game, including whether or not Andre Iguodala (and I know you can see this one coming) can dunk “loose lentils.”


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