Here come the sons: 2 Saint Louis hoops assistants have sons in key roles

Feb. 20—On a very good day, Stone Kanoa has one of three possible scenarios right in his home kitchen.

On a very good day, Stone Kanoa has one of three possible scenarios right in his home kitchen.

Love in the form of homemade food. It is the way.

"My dad's chili. My mom's kalua pig and cabbage. My grandma's baked beans, " the Saint Louis forward said. "My dad makes chili every other month. When he does, it's pretty freaking good. I can make it, too. My mom (Tracy ) makes kalua pig and cabbage every other month. My grandma makes baked beans every three weeks."

Kanoa's grandmother, Genevieve Kaleiheana, lives with her family. Kanoa's family left Waimanalo to stay with her in 2011.

"We moved in with her when my papa died, " Kanoa said.

Since then, she cannot escape the requests of this particular grandson.

"I always beg her to make (baked beans ) for me. She puts bacon on top. She makes it with ribs sometimes, too, " Kanoa said.

Spending time together at the table can be a rarity for busy families. Crusaders point guard Shancin Revuelto has top-shelf cooks in his household, too.

"My mom makes panko chicken about once a month. She makes lasagna only when she has time, " he said.

Rayline Revuelto is a supermom who works three jobs. With their oldest child in college, she and husband Mark shuffle their three younger children to three schools and myriad activities. For Shancin Revuelto, the menu is slim pickings without mom and dad.

"I can't make what she makes. My dad makes steak maybe every two months, " he said.

Kanoa has relished his role as a defensive stopper, but the 5-foot-11 swingman's offensive output is a key reason why Saint Louis is a top seed for a third year in a row. With 2023 All-State Player of the Year Pupu Sepulona double-teamed, Kanoa scored a team-high 15 points in the ILH championship-game win over Punahou.

"My role has always been to help my teammates with anything they need. Lock down on defense. Be a leader. Take control, " Kanoa said.

What separates elite teams from many others is this : Every player buys into offense and defense. The open man is ready to make the right decision. If Kanoa doesn't score in double figures, it could easily be Revuelto. Or Jordan Posiulai. Or Keanu Meacham. Or first-year addition Kaelan Fernando. Revuelto sets the table and the tone.

"Adding Kaelan and Luke (Patton ) to the team is a big difference, " Revuelto said. "We've got more scorers and more people that can play defense. Defense-wise, we're all in sync. Sometimes, we hit bumps, but we know how to fix it."

Kanoa is a key piece on the chess board. Strong enough to tangle with opposing 4s and 5s on the block. Agile and quick enough to defend wings and point guards on the perimeter.

"The thing with Stone, it's not luck that he's in the right place at the right time. That's really what it is, " Punahou coach Dan Hale said. "A lot of those shots were opportunities he created by his hustle, by being where he should be, by being that guy that's kind of our x-factor, And if those opportunities aren't there, he'll impact the game on defense. He'll go out there and play as tough defense as he can for the team."

Revuelto's quick hands and anticipation make him one of the top defensive guards in the state, but his court leadership is crucial to the Crusaders' consistency on offense.

"Shancin is the general on the floor. He's the one that's always looking from a player perspective on the floor, then coming back to us and giving feedback, " Hale said. "He's in charge of executing what we want. He is the eyes and ears on the floor for us. There's a trust there, too. When he wants to do something or there's something going on, I trust him 100 %. He's been in the wars and battles. He knows what works best."

Revuelto and Kanoa, both juniors, are a rarity : two players coached by their fathers. Mark Revuelto and Maverick Kanoa have been at Coach Hale's side through each of the four years he has been at Kalaepohaku.

"Shancin and Stone are so resilient and they have a great relationship with their parents. You see there's time each one of them look at each other, that kind of insight, it's such an advantage, " Hale said.

"With Shancin and Stone, it's like having two more coaches on the floor, " Hale added. "They know what we want to do from a coach's perspective and a player's perspective. When we put together a game plan, they're on both sides of that, which is huge. It's about knowing your role, knowing what expectations are for you, and going out and executing it. Those guys are very, very intellectual in that way."

Mark Revuelto coached oldest son Shoncin during Saint Louis' state-title run two years ago. Shancin was a freshman on the team, watching closely. Running the point for the youngest team in the state tourney last year, Shancin Revuelto carried immense weight. His dad rarely minced words.

"Yeah, I hear all the yelling when I get home after practice. During practice and games, I'm just a player and he's a coach. He tells me what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right, " Revuelto said.

Shancin Revuelto is efficient with his decisions on the hardwood. He is also economical with his words. They carry weight when he helps younger teammates.

"I'm scoring more this year. I can play off ball and put Kaelan at the point. I'm more verbal now, " he said. "When we were freshmen, all the seniors would talk to us when we were down and stuff, so all of us try to do the same thing now."

Coach Revuelto won't say it often, but watching son No. 2 deal on the court is pleasantly surprising.

"I've enjoyed seeing just how smart he is, that part of how good he got—the skills, he put in the work, " he said. "He was always more on the chubby side, the bigger side, but he could always compete against older players. He's learned how to be a savvy point guard. I don't need to be hard on him. I might yell at him, but he's earned my trust."

Coach Kanoa's laid-back demeanor and attention to detail are a valuable combination as a coach. Stone Kanoa learned to share his dad with his teammates.

"The good thing, when I first started coaching Stone, I wanted him to understand, if you don't hear me talking to you, I'm not going to elaborate. The important thing is the rest of the team, " Maverick Kanoa said. "I can elaborate later on the ride home. The key is I have to be able to correct the rest of your teammates. I'm not ignoring you, and we can talk later at home. He kind of knew, dad won't talk too much to me because we have the rest of the day. That was a good understanding."

Stone Kanoa also plays baseball at Saint Louis, but basketball has been his main interest since the days he watched his siblings play. Being critiqued by his dad once they head home after practices and games is a bonus.

"It gives me another reason to keep working hard, and helps me to figure out stuff, " he said.

"The school we go to, the rules that we follow, every teacher says it, how to be a Saint Louis man, " Shancin Revuelto said. "So we follow that."

With everything on the line, Saint Louis eliminated Kamehameha, 56-43, then got a last-second buzzer-beating layup from Jordan Nunuha—on a perfect pass from Revuelto—to oust Maryknoll, 36-34. A surprisingly lopsided 60-42 win over Punahou started and ended with tenacious defense, tweaked after two regular-season losses to the Buffanblu.

"The boys are really resilient, " Maverick Kanoa said. "They overcame adversity, the emotional roller coaster."

To a man, defense is everything to the Crusaders. Anything less is simply not in the culture.

"The team chemistry. We've been building it up the past two years. I feel really close to everyone, " Stone Kanoa said. "We're stronger than before. We're exactly where we should be right now. We're all there for each other. When people watch us play they don't realize how tight we are. Every day our bond grows more and more. We don't just talk to each other during the season. Our team has been building this chemistry and bond for years. Nobody yells at each other when we mess up. There's no toxicity. We all support each other."

STONE KANOA Saint Louis basketball —5-11 —Junior—Top 3 movies /shows 1. "Rush Hour 2 "

2. "Breaking Bad "

3. "Star Wars : Episode III — Revenge of the Sith "

"I've seen 'Rush Hour 2' five times. My chemistry teacher is brilliant. He's really smart, but he would never be like the 'Breaking Bad' teacher."—Top 3 foods /drinks 1. Oreo milkshake (Sonic )

2. Steak and rice (Blazin' Steaks )

3. Pancakes (Original Pancake House )—Top 3 homemade food 1. Dad's chili 2. Mom's kalua pig and cabbage 3. Grandma's baked beans—Top 3 music artists /favorite song 1. Three Plus — "Honey Baby "

2. The Green — "Roots "

3. Kaau Crater Boys — "Carly Rose "—Favorite athlete : Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles )

"I like how he plays and his personality."—Favorite team : Philadelphia Eagles "It's just the coaching, but we have a new defensive coordinator, new offensive coordinator and new quarterback coach. It was working until we hit that stretch when we couldn't make plays in the red zone. That was a problem. My dad is a (New York ) Giants fan. During the season we make bets. I would have to wear a Giants shirt around the house for two weeks. Straight up, whoever wins."—Funniest teammate : Jordan Nunuha "You know, every time I hang out with him, he always makes me laugh, all the time. He's a great person with great energy."—Smartest teammate : Jordan Posiulai "Me and him had the same chemistry class last year. We were doing class work. I turned around to ask him for help and he was done already."—GPA : 4.1 "I'm not smart like Jordan (Posiulai ). He has a 4.2 or something like that. I usually do my homework during homeroom or during free period. I like to chill when I go home. I don't like stressing. I've been doing that since freshman year. Especially during sports, I would come home and be tired. I'd rather come home and do whatever I want."—Favorite teacher /class : Mrs. (Tasha ) Castro, religion.

"She was my religion teacher in seventh and ninth grades. That was my favorite religion class ever. She knows how to understand the kids a lot and has a good connection with them. She feeds me a lot. A lot of snacks. One time she had pancakes, rice and bacon from McDonald's and she asked if someone could finish her food, so I ate the rest."—Favorite scripture : Pr. 3 :6 "Always submit to God and he'll help you to go on your path."—Hidden talent : Playing ukulele "I've been playing not too long, four years. My uncle (Manley Kanoa Jr.) used to play at our Christmas parties, so I got interested. He passed away in 2018."—New life skill : Driving "I got my license in March. It allows me to help my mom them out. I can go to the movies or whatever with my friends."—Bucket list : Skydiving. And go to Bora Bora.

"Guarantee, my mom would be, why would you do that ? What's the purpose ? I'd probably go skydiving after high school. Bora Bora is a really nice place."—Time machine : "I would travel to 2900 and drive a flying car."—Youth sports : "I played baseball when I was 5 and when I was 6. I played basketball. I still play baseball. I play outfield. I played flag football for a little bit when I was 8. I didn't like it that much. I played football my freshman and sophomore year. Right before basketball season my sophomore (year ), I broke my collarbone. I came back just in time (for basketball ). After that I said, no need."—If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self ? "Keep working hard. Always push past adversity and challenges in life."—Five brothers and sisters "They all played sports. Amber (volleyball at Sacred Hearts, transferred to Kalani ); Brett (football, basketball at AOP ); Keanu (baseball at Saint Louis ; Mahina (basketball at Sacred Hearts ); Kawehi (basketball at Sacred Hearts )."—Shoutouts : "God is the reason where I'm at today. My mom and dad for supporting me. My siblings for encouraging me. My grandma for always helping me and giving me everything I need."

SHANCIN REVUELTO Saint Louis basketball —5-10 —Junior—Top 3 movies /shows 1. "Like Mike "

2. "All-American "

3. "Hawaii Five-O " (2010-20 )

" 'Hawaii Five-O' ... was something I would watch every day when it came out."—Top 3 foods /drinks 1. Steak 2. Orange Dream (Jamba Juice )

3. McNuggets (sweet and sour sauce )—Top 3 homemade food 1. Mom's panko chicken 2. Dad's steak and onions 3. Mom's lasagna—Top 3 music artists /favorite song 1. Rod Wave 2. Drake 3. Meek Mill — "Dreams and Nightmares "—Favorite athlete : Michael Jordan—Favorite team : Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe Bryant /Shaquille O'Neal era )—Funniest teammate : Jordan Nunuha "He makes jokes on and off the court."—Smartest teammate : Jordan Posiulai "Last year, someone was failing and one of the coaches told him to go to Jordan for help. I think he tutored him and got his grade up."—GPA : 3.8 "I usually work on homework when there's free time (at school )."—Favorite teacher : "I would say all of them."—Favorite class : P.E.

"Freshman year. We had all the class clowns in that class."—Favorite motto : "It's a great day to be a Crusader."—Mr. Russell Valente, director of admissions—Hidden talent : Kendama "I can get it in 10 seconds."—New life skill : Meeting new people—Bucket list : "Play college basketball. Make money. Visit Japan again."—Time machine : "I would go back to Las Vegas, summer of 2023. The fun we had with our club team."—Youth sports : "I played soccer when I was 4. I played two seasons. I played baseball when I was 7 or 8. I played three seasons. I played flag and tackle football when I was 8, all the way until freshman year. I was 10 when I played basketball. It was different from playing with friends and stuff at the park. Sixth grade, I realized it was easier than other sports."—If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self ? "Work out while your older brother is practicing. I would just sit on the side."—Shoutouts : "To all my coaches, friends and family. The Saint Louis boys."