Comcast dropping Big Ten Network in 'out of market' states

Nick Bromberg
Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman in 2017. The Big Ten Network is being dropped by Comcast in some states.
Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman in 2017. The Big Ten Network is being dropped by Comcast in some states.

If you’re a Comcast television customer and a fan of a Big Ten school and don’t live in Big Ten Country you may be looking for a new TV provider in the near future.

Comcast is dropping the Big Ten Network from its channel lineup in what it considers to be out-of-market states. The news slipped in on customers’ bills and became widely-known on Thursday. The company then started answering users’ Twitter questions about the change.

The company then issued a statement through a spokesperson to the Athletic.

“To be clear, the in-market feed of Big Ten Network is still available – and will continue to be available — to our customers in Big Ten states. We are beginning to drop the out-of-market Big Ten Network feed in some areas. We notified customers who had been receiving the Big Ten Network out of market feed about this change.”

You’ll notice there are a couple Big Ten states missing from that list. Comcast does not provide service in Nebraska and Iowa according to this map. Comcast has a small area of service in New York north of New York City which has to be jarring to the conference. It added Rutgers and has established offices in New York City to break into the market. Now, for some area customers, the network looks to be unavailable soon.

Here’s what the notice from Comcast looks like if you’re in a Big Ten market. You’ll notice the Big Ten Network is not on this list of changes.

(via Comcast)
(via Comcast)

According to this tweet from Comcast, the lineup changes are already happening.

We’ve reached out to a Big Ten representative for comment. The network is a primary source of revenue for the conference, which posts the most revenue of any conference in college football. It generates a lot of revenue from BTN via subscriber fees. According to this 2015 report from Ad Age, BTN charged each out-of-market customer $0.44 for the channel.

The network did decide to respond on Twitter Thursday evening, however.

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