COLUMN: Jake's takes: PBR's 25th year in Tulsa continues strong tradition of bull riding

Jan. 23—Over the weekend, Professional Bull Riding made returned to Tulsa for their 25 straight season and per usual they didn't disappoint.

After an exciting weekend, Joao Richardo Vieria capped off a perfect weekend to take home his first win of the season. Vieria's win at 39 ties the record for the oldest rider to win an event at Unleash the Beast. From the start to the finish, the BOK Center was rocking for the best bull riders in the world.

Seemingly Cherokee County's Wyatt Rogers and Caden Bunch got especially rachous crowd reactions during announcements and during their rides. While the two local boys didn't post a score this weekend, the local crowd was behind them during all of their rides.

Along with Vieria's win and the local boys competing, there were plenty of other interesting storylines throughout the two days. The first 90 of the weekend was picked up in the fourth heat on Saturday. Clay Guiton, just 18 years old, picked up the first 90 with an electric ride to firmly place hmself in the top 12. After Guiton's emphatic celebration, BOK Center was rocking as the event really started to pick up. After that a handful of 90s began to roll in.

For me this wasn't just the first time I covered a PBR event it was the first time I had ever attended one. Since I had been to rodeos I figured I knew what to expect. While I was right in some aspects, I was very wrong in others. Going to a PBR event I was expecting it to be nice yes, but I was not execting the event to be as grand as it was. The riders were treated as good as athletes would've been from the NBA, NFL or MLB. When they were riding, for those eight seconds 10,000 plus people were locked in on their performance.

While the two local riders couldn't get anything going this weekend, they have bright futures and seasons ahead of them. Bunch and particular figures to return to early-season form at some point this season. While he admits his season has been down since, Bunch opened the season with a win and stood as the No. 1 rider for a small part of the season.

Rogers ranks 24rth in the world right now and stands to improve as the season goes on.

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